Tusker Oktobafest is East Africa’s biggest beer festival celebrating African food, music, dance, fashion and art cultures.


Our expertise was outsourced to craft stage visuals and prints for the Tusker Nexters stage, a subsidiary brand of the renowned Tusker Oktobafest event for the 2023 edition at Ngong Racecourse. We embarked on a creative journey embracing the vibrant hues of the African flags, merging the distinct colors of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Sudan. Our team expertly wove a tapestry of cultural richness, each hue pulsated with the energy and dynamism inherent in the diverse traditions of these nations. Through meticulous attention to detail, we transformed the stage into a kaleidoscope of color, immersing attendees in an immersive experience that celebrated the unity, diversity, and spirit of Africa.


  • Cultural Stage Visuals
  • Custom Stage Prints